Router Login Guide – Default Router Admin Password

If you are new to the networking world, then you might be wondering what is?

Don’t worry because we have prepared an in-depth guide IP address and default username and password.

What is is a private IP address used by most routers as an access point. Most popular brands like Linksys and Tp-Link are using this 19216811 IP address to access the admin panel.

192.168.l.l is a default IP address, defined by router manufacturers as the default gateway address.

Why Do You need to Access Router Admin Page?

Well, the answer is simple. To change router settings like WiFi name, SSID, WiFi default username-password, and Wireless password, you need to access the router admin page via 192.168.l.l IP.

You can also manage advanced networking settings, including Network Management, LAN, WAN, WLAN settings, DSL, MAC, WPS, DNS, proxy, and more.

Just like 192.138.11, you can access the router admin panel with,, and

How to Login to Router with

Here are the steps to login into the router with IP.

First of all, you have to connect the router with your computer via ethernet cable.

connect the router with your computer

1) First, open your browser. You can use any browser to access the router admin page.

2) Now, enter or address in the URL bar and press enter.

enter or address in the URL bar

3) A login page will appear on your screen asking for the router’s username and password.

  • Default Router Username – admin or Admin
  • Default Router Password – admin or Admin or pass or password

Enter default username and password, and you will be logged in into the router admin page.

router admin page

Note: If you can’t access the admin page with, then try

We will share a detailed guide to find your router IP address.

Forgot Router IP Address Username and Password?

If you are going to set up a router for the first time, look at the router box or below the router. You will see a default username and password there.

But if you changed your default password earlier, then you have to reset your router with a factory reset.

How to Reset Router (Hard Reset)

1) Remove all ethernet cables from your router.

2) Look for a small reset button on the router once you get it, press and hold it for 15-20 seconds until all light blinks. The router will reboot automatically with default settings from the manufacturer.

Reset Router (Hard Reset)

Now you can use default router username and password provided by router manufacturer to access admin page.

How to Find Router IP Address?

If you can’t find IP address of your router or unable to login to the router with or then follow these steps:

1) Open Command Prompt. (Open start menu > search for CMD > click on Command Prompt)

2) Now type “ipconfig” command in the cmd window and press enter.

3) This command will list down all the network-related details including your router IP address.

Note – Your router must have connected with your system.

In this case, default gateway is your router IP address which is

As you can see, my router IP address is different, because I have changed it. You can also change it. I will publish a detailed guide later.

Stay tuned.