How To Reset a Router and Modem

Resetting your router is very easy even if you can’t connect to your router. Resetting a router can solve a variety of problems. However, the process is not for everyone, so be sure to research the problem and its cause before attempting it. If you are unable to find the exact problem, try rebooting the … Read more

Which is the Best protection for WiFi network?

Many people are wondering what the best protection for WiFi is. After all, WiFi is a very popular way to go wireless. With more people getting on the WiFi bandwagon, there are also more people wanting to get their hands on any and all protection they can get. However, with all of this going on, … Read more

How To Recover WiFi Username and Password?

All the routers allow users to access their admin panel to change WiFi password, name and change other network settings like IP, DNS, and Mac Address. Each router has a different username and password, but you can change it once you log in. How To Recover WiFi Username and Password Why would you need to … Read more

How to Protect Your WiFi Network?

With the increasing demand for technology, our homes are now filled with many tech gadgets and devices. These devices are connected to the Internet so that we can access them with our phones or computers. But many people are not aware of security risks with such tech devices in our homes. WiFi routers are the … Read more